In order to register you will need a email on which to base your account. Once the application is open you will have to press the SIGN UP (Pic.1) button. As you enter into the registration screen will have to wait some essential data that the system loads including closest congregation to you.
If you're on Android devices, make sure you've enabled location services, while on Apple devices you'll have to give APP geolocation allowed. If you don’t have the chance to geolocalize yourself, the application can not find the congregations and then you can not continue with the subscription (Pic.2).

Once preloaded data, upload your photo so that you can be recognized by other brothers, your full name, email, password, congregation, status in the congregation and the role that you cover (Pic.3).
Now you can save.

Perfect you have created your account (see Pic.4)!! Confirm your account by clicking on the email that was sent to you (if you can not find it, check the spam or write us) (Pic.5).
Now you can access !!