Create an appointment
Create an appointment
We just have to create an appointment!
Select the day and time, write a message with a brief description, the type of appointment (additional visit, territory etc.) and where to find (the party by his brother George, the park etc.) (Pic.1), choose whether to invite all members of your circle (Pic.2) or if you choose who to propose the appointment (Pic.3) and saves all (Pic.4). It will put your event on the list “IN PENDING” (Pic.5) and automatically will send the notifications to the people you choose previously which will make a candidacy (Pic.6). The appointment details are always visible in the appointments list (Pic.7).
Just have to wait some candidacy.
Pick one and confirm it (Pic.8). At this point, the appointment will be confirmed (Pic.9, 10) and will be notified to the brother/sister was proposed (Pic.11). A notification will be sent to other candidates who were thanking them and saying that another candidate was chosen.
To clarify that whether you have created the appointment, whether you will be a candidate, you can delete both the event that the application with the direct automatic notifications concerned (Pic.12). If you are the person who created the event, it will be notified those who had proposed, while in the case you are a confirmed candidate will be notified of the cancellation to those who created the event.
If you give permission to access your calendar (Pic.13) at the application, the appointment confirmation/cancellation will be automatically saved with a 10 minute warning before (Pic.14). This will happen only if you open the notification detail.