Appointment management
Appointment management
In this section you can manage your appointments confirmed, pending or already gone.

CONFIRMED: If an appointment is confirmed going on his detail can
1) delete, if it was created by you (Pic.1)
2) revoke your candidacy if the appointment was created by another brother (Pic.2,3,4).

NB: In both cases a notification is sent to the other brother to notice the cancellation or revoke of candidacy

PENDING: If an appointment is in pending, on his detail you can, if you created it,
1) delete it (Pic.5),
2) confirm a proposal if any (next to the icon 'eye' shows the number of proposals) (Pic.6)
if it has been created by another brother you can be propose yourself or communicate you cannot apply(Pic.7)
NB: In the first case, a notification is sent to all the brothers who had sent a candidacy, while in the second case will be sent two types of notifications: a confirmation to the chosen brother and a notice to the other candidates to alert that has already been made a choice.

PAST: If an appointment has passed, going on its detail can be canceled
NB: Since we already passed will not be sent